Digital Marketing Consultant in Berlin

Hi. My name is Onur and I am a Berlin based marketing freelancer.

One of my focuses is performance driven marketing. My B.Sc. degree in economics mostly contained quantitative topics. That knowledge taught me to combine any marketing activities with numbers. That is essential to prove, that what I am doing is getting me closer to the objective. One example: It is quite easy to tell, which of your Facebook campaigns has better results. And that’s Because Facebook will tell you, that it is cheaper. But things get complicated if you have several media to chose considering an optimal marketing mix. And even if you think you are running good for a significant time period: It will get harder to dig deep and raise your outcome. However, investing more time into analytics may account for secret market advantages.

My focus does not only cover the quantitative side of marketing – I have also gained working experience in qualitative and creative fields, too.

Before finishing high school, I got into graphic design and development. While studying for my Bachelors degree, most of my freelance jobs included development and design. So today my side projects still contain programming websites or web applications in HTML, CSS, JS and PHP. Starting my professional career, I moved to Paris to work in the field of international marketing. Coming back to Europe, I started working in the communications field at a University and moved to Berlin, to work in the sponsor relations field. Soon I held a position in a well-known german consulting company as an analyst.

Write me a mail and let us talk about your project!